The Million Dollar Chair
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The Million Dollar Chair
What is the maximum vital rule of customer              Million Dollar Chair                  support? What ought to every income clerk do for their clients?
On a wet day within the mid-1800s, an aged lady strolled right into a Pittsburgh department save to get out of the rain.
All of the salesmen on the ground assumed that she became simply searching around and had no purpose of purchasing whatever. They even disregarded her when she stopped at their counter.
Finally, the elderly woman approached a young clerk who, smiled at her, and requested, "May I serve you?"
She answered, "No, I'm simply killing time anticipating the rain to stop so I can move domestic."
The younger clerk answered smiling at her, "Very nicely Madame. May I bring out a chair for you?" Without looking ahead to a reply, he introduced out an armchair for her to take a seat in.
After the rain had stopped, the younger clerk, took the female by the arm and escorted her to the road and bade her goodbye.
As she left, she requested him for his card.
A few months later, the owner of the shop acquired a letter asking that this young guy be sent to Scotland to order furniture for a home.
The store owner wrote lower back "I'm sorry however that younger man does no longer paintings in the home furnishing department. However, in case you would really like, we could ship an 'experienced man' to do the task."
Not long after he sent the reply, he obtained a letter from none aside from one of the wealthiest men in the world at the time, Andrew Carnegie. "No one else will do but this specific young guy."
The letter was signed by means of Andrew Carnegie and the residence he wanted provided changed into Ski Bo Castle. The elderly woman was Andrew Carnegie's mom, Margaret Carnegie. "
The young guy (clerk) became sent to Scotland and he obtained an order for numerous hundred thousand dollars worth of furnishings (well worth several million bucks in present day forex).
Later, the young guy have become the owner with a half interest in the shop because of the scale of the order. (From Napoleon Hill's book "Your Magic Power to Be Rich".)
What training approximately customer support did you learn from this young Pittsburgh keep clerk?
1) Make every person feel like an venerated visitor, or a VIP.
2) Every conversation, each interaction is like planting seeds. Some may additionally by no means sprout, however many will grow.
3) You by no means realize when an possibility will arise! Always put your satisfactory foot ahead and move the extra mile. Smile, bow, ask how you could help your consumer? And take that subsequent step to assist them sense essential, like an commemorated and welcomed visitor at your commercial enterprise.
First impressions do rely! Make a great one!
Madeline Frank, Ph.D., DTM is an Amazon.Com Best Selling Author, speaker, business owner, trainer, John Maxwell Team Member, conductor, and live performance artist. She helps companies and companies "Tune Up their Business". Her observations show you the blue prints essential to enhance and maintain your commercial enterprise successful. Her present day e-book "Leadership On A Shoestring Budget" is to be had everywhere books

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